Our Partners

Our inspiration<br> take roots whith our <br>precious collaborators. Our inspiration take roots whith our precious collaborators.

The success of each event lies in a joint effort between us dozens of collaborators. Throughout the years we have built a vast circle of highly prized partnerships who help us create a culinary experience of high caliber. We prioritize local producers as well as local artists, all of whom contribute to the success of our event.

Social and environment responsibility

Hoogan et Beaufort Events has set-up an active infrastructure to help support causes that contribute to Quebec’s social evolution. It's important to us to give to several foundations each year.

Whether it is on a social or environmental level, our team invests time and money every year to encourage and promote positive actions. Our donations have helped several foundations in their research and we are proud of this.

Events have a significant environmental impact, which is why we work to reduce it, not only by composting our organic waste, but also by donating excess food to charitable organizations in need.

Our restaurant

Hoogan et Beaufort

Wood-fired cooking, local cuisine and a vast wine list with old vintages

Hoogan et Beaufort's cuisine is modern, precise and refined. Intransigent on quality, choice of products, taste and creative approach, we do not use any processed products. We are proud to work on precise balances of flavors and textures in order to offer a menu that is constantly renewed: elegant, contemporary and that highlights local talents, all within the industrial setting of the Angus shops in Montreal.

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Our butcher shop

Édouard et Léo

A local, gourmet and conscientious butcher shop.

Born with the aim of truly help producers with whom we have been working for several years and of respecting our environment by creating local circuits, Édouard et Léo butcher shop is committed to offer regional products of exceptional quality.

In the spirit of valuing the whole animal, we showcase a wide variety of cuts, from the most popular to those that deserve to be known. We also work with local partners who practice the best breeding practices.

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